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Haret Sakher
Christmas play at Preschool

Dec 2018

Independence Day at Preschool

Nov 2018

Saint Barbara festivities in Primary school

Dec 2018

Visiting Dbayeh Barracks - Black Panthers in Grade 4

Nov 2018

Independence Day in Primary 1

Nov 2018

Independence Day in Primary 2

Nov 2018

Grade3: Mtein

May 2018

Grade2: “A la découverte de Frayké”

May 2018


June 2018

Grade1: “Sur les routes de Byblos”

May 2018

Grade4: “Bint l jabal”

June 2018

Grade5 & Grade6: “Je suis là”

June 2018


June 2018


May 2018


July 2018

Celebrating Saint Joseph’s Day at school Preschool, Grade1 Garde2

March 2018

Preschool and Grades 1, 2, and 3 students celebrated Saint Joseph’s Day at school. They sang hymns and took part in a small procession around the school.
Tripoli - Grade 4

April 2018

Jbeil - Grade1

March 2018

Following this year’s project “On the Road to Heritage”, the Paradis d’Enfants students visited various towns around the country to discover their national heritage and cultural identity.
Mtein - Grade3

March 2018

Beirut Museum - Grade 6

April 2018


Dec. 2017

Grade 6 students performed an English play to the Grade 3 students. They then celebrated Christmas by dancing and singing together.
Christmas village at Beit Misk in Grade1

Dec. 2017

To celebrate Christmas, a day trip was organized to the village of Beit Misk. Grade 1 and 2 students participated in many activities: drawing, writing letters, biscuit making. They also visited Santa Claus’ home and participated in a show, and enjoyed dancing and singing together.
Saint Barbara Day- Primary classes

Dec. 2017

On Saint Barbara’s Day, the students of Paradis d’Enfants wore masks and celebrated the custom together while retelling the story of Saint Barbara. Everyone also enjoyed a boiled wheat meal, a symbol of the feast, prepared by the Grade 1 teachers.
Ste Barbara in preschool

Nov. 2017

Teachers and students were disguised with beautiful costumes and masks.

June 2016

The years have passed and the time to see you go has come. Dear students, never forget your school, your teachers and especially your friends. It was my pleasure being among the Paradis d’Enfants family for the last two years, and it is with a pinch in the heart that I would be also leaving. Throughout the past year, as enthusiastic knowledge seekers,we have followed the school’s theme “Connaissance du Monde” or “Knowledge of the World” with passion. We have learned about the diversity we live in and to respect and accept each other no matter what. Carry this theme with you and make everyone as proud as you made us! As mentioned by Dr. Seuss, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose”. Wishing you the best of luck for the future as bright leaders in our country.
Nada Jreidini
« POCAHONTAS » - Grade 4 & Grade 6

June 2016 – ATHÉNÉE theater

To realize our theme of the year "Global Communication", artistic activities, including theater, are often an effective extension to an interdisciplinary approach whilst mixing the pleasant and the useful. Students of the EB4 class together with the students of EB6, presented "Pocahontas", an Indian legend, a true masterpiece performed at the Athénée Theatre. Real actors came on stage to teach us how to respect each other despite differences and how to open up to the world by bringing down all borders.

June 2016

Grade 5 students followed the hiking pathway, which selects the most iconic roads that can be used freely throughout the year. There is nothing like a trip to rediscover the richness of our natural heritage and landscape. So follow Carole ,the teachers and the guides on this sunny day.

June 2016
Finally! Our exhibition is complete.
It is the fruit of 4-5 months’ work.
Our goal has been reached.
Many thanks to all the teachers.
Congratulations to all the children.
Good closure of the year.

June 2016
How good it is to travel with a light heart, to explore the world, meet other people, other civilizations and to go around the world. How beneficial it is to avidly visit new cities and sites, speak new languages, and experience new customs and unusual adventures. But how sweet it is to return a heart full of emotion to one’s country, one’s roots, which nothing and no one can match.

June 2016
Under the blue sky, the golden sun, the high mountains and the green tapestry of nature, the students of KG1 visited the Faqra Citadel. They discovered the beauty of this Lebanese village and ate and played in the midst of nature, being grateful for this wonderful country: “The country of peace”.

May 2016

Students discovered different plant and animal species such as marmots and cedars.This was done by observation on site or through photos. They were made aware of the importance of protecting nature and especially endangered species.

May 2016

The goal of this activity was to present the foods that are most suitable for the human body. The key to achieving this was to listen to one’s body, to understand its expectations, to let appetite grow before eating, to recognize different smells, tastes and the use of every ingredient. With this method of full conscience, the spirit becomes more alive and the body becomes lighter. What better way to start a new habit. “Eat healthy”.

May 2016
KG1 Students tell us the story of the return of Lebanese students from abroad to their beloved roots.

March 2016
During the second semester, KG2 students worked on a project entitled “Discover transportation". They discovered the evolution of different means of transportation from ancient times to the present. They ranked these according to various criteria (type, speed, operation). Students specifically explored the bicycle and its various parts and how it differs froma tricycle. For this purpose, a bicycle relay was organized in the school. We have focused on compliance with the rules of road safety and the fight against pollution caused by modern
Simon Says - Grade 3

March 2016
Under the guidance of theater and activities teachers, Grade 3 students built their ideas on stage.The echo of this work reflected a quality education and a very distinguished work.
Planting trees in KG2

February 2016
Researching and presenting the Eiffel Tower –Grade 4

February 2016
Snow outing –KG1

January 2016

KG1 students spent a wonderful day at the slopes, played with the snow and made nice snowmen
Visit to the National Museum of Beirut -Grade 6

January 2016
Preschool students welcome the Messiah


The most beautiful gift is the gift of happiness and the world is more beautiful when we offer our hearts. Love teaches us that Christmas is much more than a day for presents. It is an opportunity to love all those who are dear to us. At the end of the year, let us sing our happiness so that the spirit of Christmas can forever live in our heart! Let us live together a moment of prayer and sing Christmas, the most beautiful gift from above.
Christmas celebrations in Grade 1 and Grade 2


They sang, danced, and performed plays that embody the spirit of Christmas. At the end of their performance, they were widely applauded by everyone.
Independence day in Grade1 & Grade 2

Nov. 2015
Independence day in Grades 3-4-5 & 6

Nov. 2015
Independence day in Preschool

Nov. 2015

We lived through dynamic moments this month leading to:
  • Recycling
  • Sorting
  • Plantation
  • Hygiene and cleanliness while enjoying our Lebanese cuisine ...
All these activities were realized through various projects and presented on stage the day of Independence Day.
Independence Day at Paradis d’Enfants Independence Day at Paradis d’Enfants

20-21 November 2014 - Paradis d’Enfants Schools

The Lebanese Independence Day was celebrated in Paradis d’Enfants schools on 20 and 21 November 2014.

Students participated in various special performances such as short speeches, national songs and a military march.

On this occasion, students paid their respect to the Lebanese army and hailed its unparalleled efforts in protecting citizens. May God bless the Lebanese army!
Paradis d’Enfants Schools End 2013 – 2014 Academic Year with Festivities for All Ages Paradis d’Enfants Schools End 2013 – 2014 Academic Year with Festivities for All Ages

May - June 2014

Throughout May and June 2014, Paradis d’Enfants held fun end-of-year educational activities and performances at Ghadir, Ghosta, and Haret Sakher branches. Students and teachers sang and danced in many events re-emphasizing this academic year’s theme, “Objectif Grandir”.

The festivities offered a perfect end to a fruitful academic year.
Celebrating Birthdays in Preschool

June 2014

Celebrating one's birthday in the classroom is now a widespread tradition in schools and always highly demanded by children.

We see an abundance of juices, cakes and decorations appearing in classrooms.
KG1 Students Celebrating Father’s Day

June 2014

There goes another year. This year, the children of KG1 wanted to make a tribute to the role of the father in their own way and by discovering all different types of jobs such as tailor, florist, baker, musician, painter...
How To Make a Vegetable Soup

May 2014

For vegetable soup, go to the market: leek dives to the bottom of the water,Carrot runs with its boots, Zurchini moves its head.

For vegetable soup, we should peel them all.
Having Fun with the Time with Kg1 Students

May 2014

The timekeeper stops his needles for a moment, and invites you to live pleasantly, twelve months of the year.

Autumn, winter, spring and summer. KG1 students celebrate them with joy!
Voting Day at Sabana in Grade 5

April 2014

Election atmosphere for the Grade 5 students

Voting day at Sabana is a fable that depicts animal’s Election Day. Lion, Giraffe, Crocodile, Elephant… everyone wants to become the king of the forest, but who really cares about other animals?
Celebrating Mother's Day at Grade 2

March 2014

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Paradis d’Enfants Grade 2 students invited their mothers to school and presented a special performance including songs and messages about the importance and the value of a mother!
Celebrating Mother's Day at Preschool

March 2014

To make this Mother’s Day memorable, Paradis d’Enfants’ preschool children invited their mothers to the school’s theater and offered them a special performance including sweet songs and touching messages.
Paradis d’Enfants Students Engage in Fun-Filled Sports Day

March 2014

To celebrate Children’s Day, Paradis d’Enfants organized Sports Day at Fouad Chehab stadium in Jounieh on 28 March 2014.

Children were excited and shared great moments of joy, fun and competitions.

The champions of the fun-filled day proudly took home medals for their efforts and team spirit!
Paradis d’Enfants Honors Saint Joseph in a Procession

March 2014

On 19 March 2014, Paradis d’Enfants celebrated Saint Joseph Day, the association’s patron saint.

Grade 4 and 5 students and teachers gathered and walked in Ghazir streets, making their way to attend mass and celebrations at Saint Joseph church, Ghazir.

Preschool and Grade1 – 2 students celebrated the day at school with shows and songs.
Paradis d’Enfants celebrates its Teachers

8 March 2014 at Copacabana, Safra Marine

Paradis d’Enfants’ held a lunch on on 8 March 2014 to celebrate Teacher’s Day. The event, held at ‘Copacabana’ restaurant, lauded teachers for commitment and accomplishments and distributed trophies to those who dedicated over 10 years to the association’s mission.

The fun event featured karaoke and a varied entertainment program in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
PdE Students Enjoy PopCorn Day PdE Students Enjoy PopCorn Day

4 & 6 February 2014

On 4 & 6 February 2014, Paradis d’Enfants’ organized a ‘Popcorn Day’ at its schools in Haret Sakher and Ghadir.

All our students enjoyed snack time!
Conference at PdE Tackles Key Psychological Issues that Impede Learning

30 January 2014

In order to tackle learning difficulties at an early stage, the welfare office organized a conference on 30 January 2014 at PdE Haret Sakher school. Preschool and Grade 1 student parents attended the conference. The conference aimed to help parents detect any psychological symptoms that can impede a child’s learning abilities, as well as demonstrate the importance of speech therapy monitoring.

Dr. Michel Nawfal and Maria Jabbour presented parents with common learning concerns from both a psychological and educational perspective. Jessy Khoury followed, highlighting the importance of early intervention in speech therapy.