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School Party

The Paradis d’Enfants Ghosta students enjoyed their school party following this year’s theme: “All Different, All Equal”.
The students sang, danced and presented sketches to show us that our differences are a strength, and not a weakness.


May 2019

Christmas festivities

Dec 2018

Independence Day

Dec 2018

Sur les routes du patrimoine

June 2018- Ghosta

Mother’s Day! Nursery-KG1

March 2018- Ghosta

Let's wish our moms a very happy day! On the occasion of Mother's Day, students of the PS / MS present the final product of their project entitled: discover the colors with the three painter mice.
Christmas Recital

Nov. 2017

KG1 AND KG2 Students presented their Christmas songs recital to their families and the school’s teachers. A fantastic orchestra accompanied the choir that sang the beauty and spirituality of Christmas.
Independence Day

Nov. 2017

A nation's heritage is a fundamental pillar of its cultural identity.


To end the year, preschool students invited their parents to join them in the adventures of the king who wanted to choose an heir to his throne: A person who is characterized by exceptional beauty. How? It is the beauty of the soul that dominates the external one, a beauty driven by careful listening and a heart open to others.

May 2016

Students of Paradis d’Enfants Ghosta have visited the Virgin Mary site at Tabrieh Wata El Joz. They offered her their intentions, carols and flowers.
Invitation on the occasion of Mother’s day

March 2016

KG2 students invited their mothers for breakfast and made them taste delicious meals prepared by them. Prior to that, they presented dances and songs to celebrate this day dedicated to their mothers.
Physical Education and Sport in KG2

Feb. 2016

The Dialogue in KG2

Janv. 2016
Christmas Recital


A recital was presented by KG1 and KG2 students to their parents. They sang Christmas with their angelic voices and made us experience the birth of Jesus.
Independence day in Preschool Ghosta

Nov. 2015

Let us sort our trash at home, in our neighborhood and in the streets to save Lebanon and bring it back to life.
Independence Day at Paradis d’Enfants Independence Day at Paradis d’Enfants

20-21 November 2014 - Paradis d’Enfants Schools

The Lebanese Independence Day was celebrated in Paradis d’Enfants schools on 20 and 21 November 2014.

Students participated in various special performances such as short speeches, national songs and a military march.

On this occasion, students paid their respect to the Lebanese army and hailed its unparalleled efforts in protecting citizens. May God bless the Lebanese army!
Paradis d’Enfants Schools End 2013 – 2014 Academic Year with Festivities for All Ages Paradis d’Enfants Schools End 2013 – 2014 Academic Year with Festivities for All Ages

May - June 2014

Throughout May and June 2014, Paradis d’Enfants held fun end-of-year educational activities and performances at Ghadir, Ghosta, and Haret Sakher branches. Students and teachers sang and danced in many events re-emphasizing this academic year’s theme, “Objectif Grandir”.

The festivities offered a perfect end to a fruitful academic year.
End of Year Festivities at Ghosta

June 2014

The Children have marked the celebrations by focusing on the beauty of the world we live in. An issue arises: this world begins to lose its humanity.

How do we get our values back?

The answer lies in the fable by Jean de la Fontaine that was performed by our little students. The moral of this tale is relevant for both children and adults: "Weak or strong, we all are equal. Let us be honest with one another".

May 2014

Visit to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Preschool glory with joy and from the bottom of their heart the Mother of Jesus at the church of our Lady of the Fields.

They offered intentions and flowers with great love.

Following the visit, a picnic was held in the monastery garden.
Mother's Day at KG2

March 2014

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Paradis d’Enfants KG2 students invited their mothers to an Italian restaurant to enjoy the recipes prepared by their hands.