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Exhibition at preschool
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ...

June 2016

A handicrafts exhibition was prepared by preschool students to highlight the theme of the year.

June 2016

The main character of the show is Camille, a small hedgehog who would like to change his family: his own does not suit him at all!
A performance centered on the topics of family and tolerance.

June 2016

Grade 4 and 6 students have presented the play “Pocahontas”, an Indian legend punctuated by the battle of love against cultural differences. The beautiful scenes along with the sounds of waves transported the public to an adventure beyond the seas.

June 2016

Good luck to all of you who are about to set off on a new adventure.
We are proud of the individuals you have become.
Go conquer the world but keep in your heart the memories that we have all shared!

May 2016

Protecting the environment concerns each and every one of us. The theme of the protection of endangered animals was finalized by Grade 1 students with a performance entitled: “Help the animals”

May 2016

Let us join the wolf in his journey to the North Pole, Spain, Canada, Egypt, and Australia and finally to Lebanon and let us discover all the various countries with him.

A cultural outing to the natural reserve of Ehmej with Grade 5 students

May 2016

During the month of May, Paradis d’Enfants School organized a cultural outing to the natural reserve of Arz Ehmej. The outing was followed by a visit to Our Lady of Deliverance Church.
Protect together the biodiversity and the cultural heritage in our country, Lebanon

May 2016

Grade 4 students have raised this slogan following their visit to the natural reserve of Jabal Moussa. The reserve is considered a national treasure given its natural and historical wealth dating back to the Roman times.
"The Generous Tree" - Grade 2

March 2016

It is a wonderful little play that touches the heart and makes everyone aware and concerned about nature which keeps giving us its riches freely.
It is the story of a dedicated tree that turns into a tiny stump for the good of men, although man constantly continues his cruel and ruthless actions towards Mother Nature.
End of Year Festivities: "Women in motion" - KG2

March 2016

This year, we chose to look at six worldwide famous women who have marked humanity through their work. We have visited different countries such as: India, Russia, France, England, and of course Lebanon in order to highlight famous women who marked this era: Margaret Thatcher, Mother Theresa, Marie Curie, Valentina Terechkova and Rose Ghrayeb.
Learn the numbers while playing- KG1

February 2016
Meet the team of Jabal Moussa reserve –Grade 2

February 2016
Doll bath - Preschool

January 2016
Visit to the National Museum of Beirut -Grade 6

January 2016
Christmas Recital at preschool

Dec. 2015
Exploring Jounieh City with Grade 3

Nov. 2015

Paradis d’Enfants' school organized a trip to Jounieh for Grade 3 students to discover the most prominent features of this city full of life and that attracts people from everywhere.
Ste. Barbara Day! Grade1 & Grade2

Dec. 2015

On Saint Barbara’s day, Grade 1 students wore their masks and visited the kindergarten. They celebrated this day of masquerade and costumes by dancing and singing. Grade 2 students ate traditional boiled wheat, wore their fancy masks and celebrated with their teachers.
Independence day in Preschool

Nov. 2015

Celebrating the independence of our country is always a joy for our youngest students. Beautifully crowned by caps with colors of our flag, they expressed their love for their country. Poems were recited for our cherished Lebanon. Thymes bread were also prepared by the PS students.
Independence Day at Paradis d’Enfants Independence Day at Paradis d’Enfants

20-21 November 2014 - Paradis d’Enfants Schools

The Lebanese Independence Day was celebrated in Paradis d’Enfants schools on 20 and 21 November 2014.

Students participated in various special performances such as short speeches, national songs and a military march.

On this occasion, students paid their respect to the Lebanese army and hailed its unparalleled efforts in protecting citizens. May God bless the Lebanese army!
Paradis d’Enfants Students Enjoy Creative Summer Hobby Workshops at School Paradis d’Enfants Students Enjoy Creative Summer Hobby Workshops at School

July 2014

During the month of July, Paradis d’Enfants - Ghadir school hosted workshops and various activities including painting, sports, team games, and so forth.

The non-governmental elementary school aimed to enhance students’ skills and creativity as well as engage them in educational activities during summer and holidays.
Paradis d’Enfants Schools End 2013 – 2014 Academic Year with Festivities for All Ages Paradis d’Enfants Schools End 2013 – 2014 Academic Year with Festivities for All Ages

May - June 2014

Throughout May and June 2014, Paradis d’Enfants held fun end-of-year educational activities and performances at Ghadir, Ghosta, and Haret Sakher branches. Students and teachers sang and danced in many events re-emphasizing this academic year’s theme, “Objectif Grandir”.

The festivities offered a perfect end to a fruitful academic year.
Celebrating the End of Year at KG2: “The World Upside Down”

June 2014

Parents attended a performance where everything is upside down. But at the end, they discover that if every person focuses on positive thoughts and images, the world’s order will be reestablished. Rémi the little mouse lives in a world where everything is upside down.

While his classmates work, he sits on the ceiling. His classmates constantly tease him.

One day, he decided to travel the world to find others like him. After a long journey, he meets someone like him, but, following a fall, he finds the world is no longer upside down. The little mouse discovers a whole new world.
End of Year Celebrations at the Nursery: « Funny, the little caterpillar »

June 2014

Preschool children accompanied Funny in its journey to reach the peak of the mountain.

It was a journey into a world of beauty punctuated with dances and music…
“Friendship of a Little Cloud” in Grade 2

May 2014

The message from the play was Expel the evil that lies in your hearts to live a true friendship.
“Snow Queen" in Grade4

May 2014

During this dynamic, magical and rich play, the young actors had a lot of fun while singing, dancing and performing.
“Billy Eliot”, A Performance Featuring Freedom of Expression in Grade 5

May 2014

“Billy Eliot” is the conclusion of the theater project implemented in the second semester by the teacher Charbel Zgheib and its Grade 5 students.
“Friends Are for Life” in Grade 1

May 2014

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts of life.

It makes us alive, generous and allows us to open ourselves to other ways of thinking and reacting.
Learning About Sea Creatures and Marine Life in Grade 3

April 2014

Summer was not here yet and a trip to the beach was not really possible in April.

But the three graders were studying about a family picnic on the beach.
Scientific Curiosity Can Lead to Great Discoveries in Grade 5

April 2014

Curiosity killed the cat is a metaphor that means that curiosity can be harmful; but, not in our class.
Celebrating Mother's Day at Preschool

March 2014

To make this Mother’s Day memorable, Paradis d’Enfants’ preschool children invited their mothers to the school’s theater and offered them a special performance including sweet songs and touching messages.
Paradis d’Enfants Students Engage in Fun-Filled Sports Day

March 2014

To celebrate Children’s Day, Paradis d’Enfants organized Sports Day at Fouad Chehab stadium in Jounieh on 28 March 2014.

Children were excited and shared great moments of joy, fun and competitions.

The champions of the fun-filled day proudly took home medals for their efforts and team spirit!
PdE Honored School’s Patron, Saint Joseph, in a Procession

March 2014

Paradis d’Enfants celebrated Saint Joseph Day, the association’s patron saint, on 19 March 2014.

Grades 4-5 students and teachers gathered and walked throughout Ghazir streets, towards Saint Joseph Church, where they attended mass followed by celebrations.

Preschool and Grade 1 – 2 students celebrated the day at school with musical shows and games.
Paradis d’Enfants celebrates its Teachers

March 2014

Paradis d’Enfants’ family gathered on 8 March 2014 at a lunch in honor of Teacher’s Day.

The event, held at ‘Copacabana’ restaurant, lauded the commitment and accomplishment of teachers and granted a special tribute to teachers who dedicated over 10 years to the association’s mission to help educate children in need.

Teachers received trophies as a symbol of recognition.
PdE Students Enjoy PopCorn Day PdE Students Enjoy PopCorn Day

4 & 6 February 2014

On 4 & 6 February 2014, Paradis d’Enfants’ organized a ‘Popcorn Day’ at its schools in Haret Sakher and Ghadir.

All our students enjoyed snack time!