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At Paradis d’Enfants, we aim to offer our students high-quality education, serving as the cornerstone to a successful future. Individuals, associations, and organizations can contribute educational equipment and materials to help us provide students with the quality education they deserve.

With your contribution you will help us recognize and exercise every child’s equal right to education. Together we can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

List of Educational Equipment & Materials Needed

Electronic Equipment:
  • Computers

Stationary Supplies:
  • Printing paper - A4 (color: white)
  • Canson paper
  • Crepe paper (papiers crépons)
  • Glossy paper (papiers glacés)

  • Fuel oil for generators
  • Desks
  • Outdoor playground equipment, such as slides
  • Educational games for preschool

Thank you to all of our contributors! You have played a key role in helping realize the dreams of our students!

Contributing Organizations, Associations & Embassies:

US Aid - Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Nestlé S.A. - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor
L’Ancre Bleue Association - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor
Municipality of Jounieh – Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Lebanese Ladies Cultural Society - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor
Child of Lebanon Association - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor
Les Amis du Liban à Monaco - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor
Live Lebanon United Nations Development Programme - Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Australian Embassy in Lebanon - Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Embassy of Japan in Lebanon - Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Auxilia-Lebanon - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor
Georges & Juliette Aziz Foundation - Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Naji Cherfan Foundation - Paradis d’Enfants Contributor
Diageo Lebanon Sal - Paradis d'Enfants Contributor

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